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Summary of Squads

Participation in South Durham Gymnastics Club Squads is by invitation from the coaches followed by a trial session / period. There are several competitive groups arranged by level of competition and the pathway the gymnast is following. Each squad group have their own lead coach who supervise all of the group’s weekly sessions (with the exception of annual leave or illness). South Durham's competent team of coaches work tirelessly to ensure the groups achieve maximum impact in the training time available.

Performance Squad

Performance Squad members are normally selected at an early age*, based on proven criteria as gymnasts most likely to succeed to a high level in competitive gymnastics. Membership in the squad requires a strong commitment from both parent and gymnast with passion and desire for the sport a fundamental requirement. The girls train in the gym between 9-20 hours per week, with supplemental flexibility and conditioning programmes tailored for each individual. Squad members may compete at Regional, National and International level.

*Options still exist for older gymnasts to join the Squad

Advanced Squad

The Advanced groups are for gymnasts that will compete in regional and some prestigious invitational competitions. The girls train 3 times per week, in an intense programme to enable the gymnasts to reach their maximum potential.

Development Squad

The Development gymnasts compete in Club, County and North events. While the training programme for these groups is less intense than Performance and Advanced groups, with the girls training twice per week, the squads remain hugely successful and have an envious reputation throughout the Region.

Preparation Squad

This Squad is for gymnasts primarily selected from the Mini/Junior/Senior Prep Squads & recreational classes who show competitive potential. These gymnasts train twice per week and compete in Pink Events, as well as other selected competitions. Sessions are friendly and fun with the added bonus of competitive opportunities.

Foundation Squad

The Foundation Squad is the steppingstone between the Mini Squad and Advanced / Performance Squads. The gymnasts in this Squad train 3 times per week, building on the fundamental basics developed within Mini Squad whilst increasing skill repertoire across Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor. This will enable them to have their first competitive opportunities.

Mini Squad

The Mini Squad is for 4–6-year-old girls that have been identified as having desire and potential to succeed in Women's Artistic gymnastics. The Squad trains twice per week, focusing on the progressive development of gymnastics basics, flexibility and conditioning which will underpin the above levels when they are ready to move on.

Prep Groups: Mini, Junior & Senior

Mini, Junior and Senior Prep gymnasts train 1 hour a week whilst maintaining their weekly Recreational / Pre-School sessions. These age-appropriate Squads help our gymnasts develop the fundamental skills across Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor, required to make the transition into the Preparation Squad.

The aim of all SDGC Squad groups is to nurture passion and commitment in the sport with enjoyment a paramount consideration. This is demonstrated through the number of former competitive members becoming coaches and judges as they continue their involvement in the sport, influencing future generations.