Welcome to the pink gym! We are here to teach you to be the best you can be in a fun and safe environment!


‘My little girl is really enjoying learning the new skills with the group changes. Your coaches are ace!’ 

Recreational Gymnastics Parent, March 2024


‘Just wanted to say how thrilled we are that we chose ‘Pink Gym' for our little girl's gymnastics journey.

She loves going and has even started practicing things at home. Her enthusiasm and listening have definitely improved during class and she is in awe of Lauryn (her yellow group teacher) each week. All of the teachers on our Wednesday session are great and I think the warm-ups and lessons each week are clearly well planned and thought-out in advance. 

Just wanted to send a little thanks for all the work you guys put in for our little ones!’

Pre-School Gymnastics Parent, March 2024


‘My little boy's party was brilliant, he loved it and the other children looked like they were having a blast, some were asking for their parties to be there too! Thank you again.’ 

Birthday Party Parent, March 2024 


‘Congratulations on a fantastic event! I was super impressed with how the event was organised, how well it ran to time and how the gymnasts all received something for their efforts. All the gymnasts looked like they were enjoying themselves and I think at Team Pink, you have the perfect balance between competitiveness vs fun. I’d like to thank you all for your efforts and dedication to thew club, the gymnasts and for organising such events. All the gymnasts are super lucky to have such a kind, caring and dedicated coaches. So many thanks from my daughter and I.’

Emma Stokes, Parent of South Durham Gymnast, February 2022


‘After attending the lovely Baby Gym sessions, I took my daughter, Aria (who is 3 in July) to South Durham preschool gymnastics classes as soon as she turned 2. Enjoying gymnastics recreationally when I was younger and having younger cousins/nieces previously attend South Durham Gymnastics, I always knew I would register Aria! I love seeing Aria smile and enjoy the sessions with (coach) Georgia. She is always fun, friendly and approachable to both the children and adults! These preschool classes have taught Aria the basic fundamentals of gymnastics, strength and confidence - sometimes a little too much confidence actually! She loves to show off and perform her gymnastics skills to anyone who will watch - especially forward rolls, one-legged balances and splits!’

Pre School Gymnastics Parent, June 2021


‘I’ve taken my little boy to play at Baby Gym many times while he was growing. There is always so much for him to do… from being 6 months to 3 years! Plenty of toys, gym equipment and floor space to let him explore, have fun and use up a lot of energy to tire him out! I have met lots of other parents and their children which is great to have that source of communication. The staff are all super friendly and helpful. I’d definitely recommend it to all parents! Its somewhere unique do children to play! Secretly I also loved coming to play on the gym equipment with him, don’t know who was the most excited. Give it a try… I promise you won’t be disappointed!’

Baby & Toddler Gym Parent, June 2021


‘Both of my children come to the Pre School Gymnastics class on a Wednesday morning, they absolutely love it, it’s so much fun and is so good for their confidence and their strength building. The instructors are really friendly and engaging, and it’s really COVID secure. We wear our masks, and they wipe down all of the equipment after it has been used. I would highly recommend it; we are coming back next term and I can’t speak highly enough of it. It’s really great!’

Pre School Gymnastics Parent, May 2021


‘My time at South Durham will be one I will never forget. I have achieved so much along the way and have developed skills I’ve never thought of doing. I can’t thank the coaches and my team mates enough for getting me to where I am now. I’d also like to say a special thank you to Nic and Rach who have been there through my toughest years and pushing me to be my best.’

Lydia Collins, Ex-Elite Gymnast, January 2021


‘I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the coaches, especially Nic and Rach. My time at South Durham has been something I’ll never forget, and this gym was like my family and home. I will be forever grateful for the people I have met along the way and for the strong bonds I have formed.’

Leah Greenland, Ex-Elite Gymnast, Level 1 Women’s Artistic Coach, January 2021


'Being able to access South Durham Gymnastics as a group has been amazing. The environment is perfect for a lot of our children who are developmentally delayed and struggle to find somewhere they can get the Sensory input they seek. It is somewhere the whole family can enjoy without fear of anyone passing judgement. The physical benefits are fantastic as the environment is perfect for the children who are perhaps hypermobile or have Cerebral Palsy. It's a soft safe environment they can enjoy without fear of injury. The staff are always really helpful and kind and the equipment there is perfect for all our children no matter the age. We hope to access the gym for many years to come.'

Heidi Smith, The Sensory Place, November 2019