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18/11/2018                          North Voluntary Team Championships RESULTS

09/11/2018-11/11/2018   Challenge Cup RESULTS

03/11/2018-04/11/2018   National Voluntary Level Age Groups RESULTS

27/10/2018-28/10/2018   Notts Gymnova Open RESULTS

12/10/2018-14/10/2018   Pink Ladies Invitational RESULTS

06/10/2018-07/10/2018   North Voluntary Levels RESULTS

23/09/2018                          Regional Voluntary Age Groups and Challenge Cup RESULTS

14/09/2018-16/09/2018   Adrian Stan Team Competition RESULTS

15/07/2018                          Redcar Rocks Competition RESULTS

01/07/2018                          Summer Classic RESULTS

24/06/2018                          Pink Events 2 Piece Team Championships RESULTS

03/06/2018                          Pink Events 2 Piece Championships RESULTS

26/05/2018-27/05/2018   British NDP Championships RESULTS

12/05/2018-13/05/2018   National Compulsory Levels RESULTS

22/04/2018                          Compulsory, National and Development Grades RESULTS

25/03/2018                          North Grades RESULTS

17/03/2018                          Regional Grades RESULTS

08/03/2018-11/03/2018   British Championships RESULTS

25/02/2018                          Pink Events Set Works Championships RESULTS

09/02/2018-11/02/2018   English Championships RESULTS

02/12/2017-03/12/2017   Espoir British Championships

12/11/2017                          North Voluntary Team Championships

04/11/2017-05/11/2017   National Voluntary Level Age Groups RESULTS

27/10/2017-29/10/2017   Double Downies

21/10/2017-22/10/2017   Rushmoor Rosebowl RESULTS

14/10/2017-15/10/2017   North Voluntary Levels

06/10/2017-07/10/2017   Challenge Cup & Bill McLoughlin RESULTS

29/09/2017-01/10/2017   Pink Ladies Invitational

24/09/2017                          Regional Voluntary Levels

16/09/2017-17/09/2017   Adrian Stan Team Competition RESULTS

16/07/2017                          Summer Classic RESULTS

25/06/2017                          Pink Events Team Championships RESULTS

03/06/2017-04/06/2017   Pink Events 2 Piece Championships SATURDAY RESULTS SUNDAY RESULTS

20/05/2017-21/05/2017   British NDP Championships RESULTS

07/05/2017                          Regional Grades ROUND 1 RESULTS ROUND 2 RESULTS

29/04/2017-30/04/2017   National Compulsory Levels RESULTS

08/04/2017-09/04/2017   English Championships RESULTS

23/03/2017-26/03/2017   British Championships RESULTS

19/03/2017                          Compulsory, National and Development Grades

05/03/2017                          North Grades

19/02/2017                          Pink Events Set Work Championships RESULTS

02/12/2016-04/12/2016   Women Artisitic Espoir British Championship RESULTS

27/11/2016                          Pink Events Team Championships RESULTS

19/11/2016-20/11/2016   Bill Slater British Junior Team Championships RESULTS

05/11/2016-06/11/2016   British Level 4/3/2 Voluntary Age Group Championships RESULTS

06/11/2016                          North Voluntary Team Championships

29/10/2016-30/10/2016   Double Downie Cup

22/10/2016-23/10/2016   Rushmoor Rosebowl RESULTS

22/10/2016-23/10/2016   North Voluntary Levels

16/10/2016                         Regional Voluntary Levels