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North Grades 2023

North Grades 2023

To start off the morning we had our Grade 6 & 5's competing.

In Grade 6 - 12 & over our all around winner was Kaitlyn who came 1st in her Vault, Beam and Floor.

In Grade 6 - 11 & under our all around places were Ava 5th place, Charlotte 2nd place and Maisy 1st place.

In Grade 5 - 11 & under we had Ruby in 4th place and Lillian in 1st place as our overall winner.

And in Grade 5 - 9 years Rosie was the all around winner who came 1st in her Bars, Beam and Floor competitions.

With round 1 over we then moved on to round 2 with Grades 4, 3, & 2 competing.

In our Grade 4 - 11 & under our overall winners were both Eva and Imogen.

In Grade 4 - 12 & over our all around places were Phoebe in 5th place, Imogen in 4th and Ellie in 3rd place.

In Grade 3 we had Amelia in 3rd place on Bars and 6th place on Beam.

Too finish off the competition with our Grade 2's our all round place was Abbie in 3rd place after coming 2nd in her Vault and Beam and 3rd in her Bars and Floor.

Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend!

And a very big thank you to all of our lovely volunteers.

Whether thats registration, scoring, selling raffle tickets, running or welcoming everyone into our gym, we appreciate your help so much!