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Compulsory, National and Development Grades 2018

Compulsory, National and Development Grades 2018

Our elite girls had their first competition of the year on Sunday with their compulsory, national and development grades held here at South Durham Gymnastics Club. Well done to all girls who passed their grades and performed all of their routines with beautiful style and confidence. Awesome results from the day!

Development 5

CHAMPION - Rose Cole

2ND PLACE - Claire Smith

Development 4, 9 years

CHAMPION - Eva-Mae Seed

2ND PLACE - Rose Seymour

Development 4, 10 & over

2ND PLACE - Lexie Seymour

3RD PLACE - Emmie Clarkson

4TH PLACE - Abi Dixon

Compulsory 4, 9 years

CHAMPION - Keira Pedelty

Compulsory 3, 10 years

CHAMPION - Elise Fisher

National 4

CHAMPION - Abbey Raine

2ND PLACE - Francesca Gowland

National 2

CHAMPION - Lily Neilson