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Intermediate Summer Camp

Intermediate Summer Camp

Our Intermediate Summer camp took place over 3 days at the beginning of August and we had a large number of South Durham Intermediate and General squad gymnasts attend as well as gymnasts and coaches from Darlington Gymnastics Club. A great fun and jam packed 3 days with lots of new skills plus a trip out bowling at planet leisure, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Well done to all of our winners:

Day 1 Sticker Winners

3rd: Tiani-Mai

2nd: Eva

1st: Adalyn

Day 2 Sticker Winners

3rd: Scarlett

2nd: Lana

1st: Kitty

Day 3 Sticker Winners

3rd: Brynn

2nd: Lola

1st: Adalyn

Stars of the Week

3rd: Kitty

2nd: Lana and Olivia

1st: Adalyn

Best Leotard Designs

Lola and Chloe

Word Search Winners

Romilly and Lottie

Special Awards

Beatrix, Georgia, Amelia, Eva-Starr and Ashleigh

Progressions Awards

Ashleigh, Matilda, Daisy and Emily

Mini Campers

Hattie, Mia, Grace, Paige, Alexa and Lilly

Overall Camper of the Week