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Redcar Rocks 2019

Redcar Rocks 2019

Well done to all of our Pink Ladies who competed at the Redcar Rocks competition! A lovely friendly competition held at Redcar Gymnastics Club where the girls competed alongside a number of other clubs from around the region.

Well done to our overall winners!

Level 7 - 8 Years

Overall Champion: Olivia Robinson

2nd Overall: Ruby Ellingham

3rd Overall: Isobel Mackie

6th Overall: Elisha Mawson

Level 7 - 11 & Under

2nd Overall: Freya Boon

3rd Overall: Poppy Clark

4th Overall: Georgia Cringle

5th Overall: Nancy Slee

Level 6 - 8 Years

Overall Champion: Indi Bell

2nd Overall: Saffron Scarr

Level 6 - 11 & Under

Overall Champion: Grace Jackson

2nd Overall: Abbie Johnson

3rd Overall: Emily Crawford

6th Overall: Evie Hall

Level 5 - 8 Years

2nd Overall: Erin Baldwin

4th Overall: Ebony Nixon

Level 5 - 11 & Under

Overall Champion: Nell Graham

2nd Overall: Tia Gibson

3rd Overall: Kitty Graham

5th Overall: Eva-Starr Charlton

Level 5 - 12 & Over

Overall Champion: Daisy Gascoigne-Allen

4th Overall: Ebonie Totty

5th Overall: Evie Long

6th Overall: Lola Rayner

Level 4 - 9 Years

Overall Champion: Ashleigh Jo Wilkinson

2nd Overall: Hollie Bowers

4th Overall: Emily Lineham

Level 4 - 11 & Under

Overall Champion: Lydia Quinn

2nd Overall: Rhian Henderson

3rd Overall: Isabelle Parish

4th Overall: Molly Elstob

5th Overall: Chloe Bailes

6th Overall: Imogen King

Level 4 - 12 & Over

Overall Champion: Chloe Mawson

2nd Overall: Grace Rachel

3rd Overall: Charlotte Scrafton

4th Overall: Niamh Haynes

5th Overall: Lilia Mains

Level 3 - Juniors

Overall Champion: Ava Hunter

2nd Overall: Daisy Williams

3rd Overall: Phoebe Collins

4th Overall: Olivia Scrafton

6th Overall: Adalyn Byers

Level 3 - Seniors

Overall Champion: Ellie Spencer

2nd Overall: Aerin de Garis-Young

3rd Overall: Ella Thornton

5th Overall: Matilda Shaw

Level 2

Overall Champion: Tess Conway

2nd Overall: Tiani-Mai Graham

3rd Overall: Sophie Adams

4th Overall: Mia Dowson

Level 1

Overall Champion: Emily Hewitt

2nd Overall: Tegan Anderson

3rd Overall: Cora-Beth Martin

4th Overall: Ellie Fox

5th Overall: Paige Windus

6th Overall: Elise Blanckley

Elite Level 6

Overall Champions: Alexia Hodgson & Lottie Carey

3rd Overall: Hollie Henderson

4 Piece Level 6

Overall Champion: Scarlett Quinn

2nd Overall: Grace Humberstone

3rd Overall: Daisy Chapman

4th Overall: Rosie Mathews

4 Piece Level 5

Overall Champion: Anya Gillespie

Best Number Winners

Georgia Cringle

Sophie Breen

Isabelle Parish

Ellie Fox

Matilda Shaw

Cora-Beth Martin

Phoebe Collins

Rosie Mathews

Artistry Awards

Imogen King

Emmi Bradley