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Summer Classic 2017 Competition

Summer Classic 2017 Competition

On Sunday 16th July we hosted the Summer Classic 2017 which is an annual competition held between South Durham Gymnastics and Redcar Gymnastics Club. The competition saw all of our general, intermediate and advanced squad girls compete a set routine on the floor and also two vaults each. All girls competed fantastically and we came away with 16 overall champions! Special well done to our winners:

-Level 8, 7years: Adalyn Byers
-Level 8, 8years: Emily Crawford
-Level 7, 8years: Ava Smith
-Level 7, 9&over: Amy Wood
-Level 6, 9&under: Bethany Blackburn
-Level 5, 9years: Ava Hunter
-Level 5, 11&under: Ella Robson
-Level 5, 12&over: Charlotte Maxwell
-Level 4, 11&under: Sophie Rought

-Level 6, 11&under: Hannah Deakin
-Level 4, 12&over: Piper Younghusband
-Level 3, 11&under: Faith Dunn
-Level 3, 12&over: Olivia Hunt
-Level 2: open: Demi Solan
-Level 1, open: Ruby Watson
-Level 1, adv open: Eleanor Walmsley