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Summer Classic 2019

Summer Classic 2019

Our Advanced, Intermediate and General Squad girls all took part in our annual Summer Classic competition held at our gym alongside our good friends from Redcar Gymnastics Club. As usual the homemade numbers from all gymnasts were amazing and lots of prizes were won for both artistic number creations and gymnastics results.

Well done to our overall winners!

Level 8 - 7 & Under

Overall Champion: Emma Ballantyne

2nd Overall: Darcey Symes

3rd Overall: Eva Keeligan

4th Overall: Jasmine Crowe

5th Overall: Freya Peel

6th Overall: Abigail Craig

Level 7 - 7 Years

Overall Champion: Lyla Bradley

2nd Overall: Sofia Metcalfe

3rd Overall: Beatrix Wilks

Level 7 - 8 Years

Overall Champion: Olivia Robinson

2nd Overall: Millie Stabler

4th Overall: Ruby Ellingham

6th Overall: Isobel Mackie

Level 7 - 9 Years

Overall Champion: Georgia Cringle

2nd Overall: Poppy Clark

3rd Overall: Nancy Slee

6th Overall: Naomi King & Freya Boon

Level 6 - 9 Years

Overall Champion: Indi Bell

3rd Overall: Rose Kelley

Level 6 - 10 & Over

Overall Champion: Abbie Johnson

2nd Overall: Emily Crawford

3rd Overall: Grace Jackson

4th Overall: Ebony Abbot

5th Overall: Brooke Freeman

6th Overall: Eva McAulay

Level 5 - 11 & Under

Overall Champion: Zara Ross

2nd Overall: Tia Gibson

3rd Overall: Ava Smith

4th Overall: Sophie Breen

Level 5 - 12 & Over

Overall Champion: Daisy Gascoigne-Allen

2nd Overall: Ebonie Totty

3rd Overall: Lola Rayner

4th Overall: Evie Long

Level 4 - 9 Years

Overall Champion: Hollie Bowers

2nd Overall: Emily Lineham

3rd Overall: Ashleigh Jo Wilkinson

4th Overall: Lottie Strugnell

Level 4 - 11 & Under

Overall Champion: Chloe Bailes

2nd Overall: Lydia Quinn

3rd Overall: Imogen King

4th Overall: Isabelle Parish

5th Overall: Emmi Bradley & Rhian Henderson

Level 4 - 12 & Over

Overall Champion: Chloe Mawson

2nd Overall: Charlotte Scrafton

3rd Overall: Grace Rachel

4th Overall: Lilia Mains

5th Overall: Emily Hopkins

Level 3 - 11 & Under

Overall Champion: Scarlett Thompson

2nd Overall: Olivia Scrafton

3rd Overall: Ava Hunter

4th Overall: Phoebe Collins

5th Overall: Daisy Williams

Level 3 - 9 & Under

Overall Champion: Laila Tweddle

2nd Overall: Adalyn Byers

Level 3 - 12 & Over

Overall Champion: Ellie Spencer

2nd Overall: Matilda Shaw

3rd Overall: Aerin de Garis-Young & Katie Shearer

4th Overall: Ella Thornton

5th Overall: Ruby Gnezere

Level 2

Overall Champion: Mia Dowson

2nd Overall: Tiani-Mai Graham

3rd Overall: Tess Conway

4th Overall: Skye Clarey

5th Overall: Sophie Adams

6th Overall: Jennifer Murphy

Level 1

Overall Champion: Paige Windus

2nd Overall: Megan Dunn

3rd Overall: Ellen Heginbottom

4th Overall: Tegan Anderson

5th Overall: Cora-Beth Martin

6th Overall: Elise Blanckley

Level 1 Advanced

Overall Champion: Eleanor Walmsley

2nd Overall: Emily Tyler

Best Number Winners

Piper Younghusband

Isabelle Parish

Emmi Bradley

Ava Baxter

Summer Byrne

Olivia Jean Booth

Grace Clark